January 2023

Farrier To The Stars

Felix Marion

Clint Galbraith drove Niatross. Harry Poulton trained Matts Scooter. Paul MacDonell drove Somebeachsomewhere. Hanover Shoe Farms bred Bulldog Hanover.

Le maréchal-ferrant des stars

Felix Marion

En ce qui concerne les plus grands héros équins du monde Standardbred, la plupart des gens peuvent nommer le conducteur et l’entraîneur de la majorité d’entre eux. Nous savons tous que Paul MacDonell était l’homme qui était assis derrière Somebeachsomewhere et que Nifty Norman entrainait Bee A Magician, mais pouvez-vous nommer qui était le forgeron de chacun? Je doute que vous le puissiez. Le maréchal-ferrant est cependant la clé du succès de tout cheval – Champion de la Breeders Crown ou un cheval à réclamer à 7 000 $.

Canadian Newsmakers Of The Year

2022 Newsmakers

While the year just completed was definitely one dominated by Bulldog Hanover, there were many more Canadians that made news in 2022 as well. Join TROT as we take our annual look back at the year that just was in Canadian harness racing

Driven To Succeed

Damian MacLellan

Inverness, Nova Scotia native Damian MacLellan was introduced to Standardbreds by his father at a very young age - it became a passion they enjoyed together. When his dad fell ill and eventually passed away, in 2015, it was Damian and his older brother Donald that took charge of the family horse, Albert Town, and saw to it that everything ran smoothly. Now, at 19-years of age, Damian is carrying on his family’s legacy in the sport, and after winning his pari-mutuel debut as a driver in PEI last spring, he recently won in his first Ontario start as well, at London’s Western Fair.

Racing's Lifeblood


Standardbred caretakers work long, tiring hours, and if most translated their paycheque into an hourly rate, the resulting number would probably be lucky to crack minimum wage. It’s a labour of love, in most cases done for the love of the animal, and not for glory or wealth.

Different But The Same

The View

Bulldog Hanover is a big, strong, strapping horse that overpowers his competition. He’s almost always on top by the half-mile pole, usually wins by open lengths, and often can’t even be pulled up for a half-mile or more after annihilating his foes.

So Much More is about half his size. She wins by getting away first, last, or anywhere in between, and she rarely wins by more than a couple of feet.

Différent Mais Pareil

Point De Vue

Bulldog Hanover est un cheval grand, fort et solide qui domine ses adversaires. Il est presque toujours en tête au poteau du demi-mile, gagne généralement par plusieurs longueurs et ne peut souvent même pas être rejoint sur un demi-mile ou plus après avoir anéanti le reste du peloton.

So Much More fait environ la moitié de sa taille. Elle gagne en s’élançant soit, de la première position, de la 8e position ou n’importe où entre les deux, et elle gagne rarement par plus de quelques pieds.