Mark Austin Memorial

Sponsor: Dresden Agricultural Society
Eligibility: Maiden pacers and Maiden Fillies $ Mares Non-winners of 1 race or $5,000  lifetime, as of midnight March 31, 2023. No allowances.


Purse: $12,000 A
Province: ON
Raced at: Dresden Raceway
1st Leg ($5,000 G ea): Sunday, June 4, 2023
2nd Leg ($5,000 G): Sunday, June 11, 2023
Final ($12,000 A): Sunday, June 18, 2023

Payment Schedule:
Nomination Fee: Monday, April 3,  2023  $100 CAD ($80 USD)

Declarations close as posted on weekly conditions sheet.

Draws will be held at Clinton Raceway - 519-482-5270


The Rules of Racing of the Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) in effect at the time the race is contested shall  govern this race and any and all entries to the race will be received only with the understanding and on the agreement of  the subscriber that the Rules of Racing govern, and that the following additional conditions apply:  

1. At the absolute discretion of the HOST track, the entries of any person (including this entry) or the transfer of any entry  (including this entry) may at any time be refused and/or cancelled without either notice or reason being given and without liability  except for the return of any subscriptions paid on an entry or entries refused and/or cancelled.  

2. Subject to the said Rules of Racing, the HOST track reserves the right to cancel the race without liability therefore upon  repayment of all subscription fees, if any, paid on such cancelled race.  

3. The HOST track reserves the right to change the time and/or place of the race in its absolute discretion, subject, however, to the  Rules and Regulations of the AGCO.  

4. Purse distribution: 50 per cent, 25 per cent, 12 per cent, 8 per cent, 5 per cent, unless otherwise stated in the conditions.  5. All races to be a distance of One Mile (1609 M) unless otherwise stated in the conditions.  

6. All nominations will be added to Final.  

7. Maximum 2 horses per trainer in Final.  

8. For each series conducted (unless otherwise stated in conditions): the Final event will be limited to EIGHT horses according to  the highest money earnings in the series. All horses must declare in for the Final. If one of the EIGHT highest money winners  fails to declare in for the final, the next highest money winner declared will become eligible to the final. If the number of horses  tied in money earnings for the last eligible starting position increases the field to more than EIGHT horses, they will be drawn by  lot to constitute an EIGHT horse field. If enough money winners fail to declare in for the final, starters in the series that are not  money winners and declared for the final may increase the field to EIGHT horses, and such horses will be drawn by lot. If there is  more than one division of the preliminary races, each division will race for 100% of the advertised purse. If there are more than 4  divisions of a preliminary leg, some divisions may be carried over to the next racing day.  

9. Two Also Eligibles may be carried on the Final Event.  

10. Minimum of 14 nominations required to fill the series. If less than 14 nominations are received, the event may proceed at the  discretion of the HOST track.  

11. Should the Filly and Mare division be cancelled due to lack of nominations, a Filly or Mare that has been properly nominated to  the Filly and Mare division shall be eligible to the Open Division, provided the nominator has notified the Stake Administrator  prior to the nomination deadline, that they wish to also be eligible to the Open division should the filly and mare division be  cancelled. Should the nominator elect not to remain eligible to the open division the nomination fee shall be refunded.  

12. U.S. Funds will be accepted at the fees designated on the stake conditions. U.S. funds will be converted to Canadian funds when  deposited to the bank. U.S. funds will be converted at WEG’s internally published buying rate for US dollars. 

13. All post positions will be drawn by lot unless otherwise stated in the conditions.  

14. In series races a leg or a race may be cancelled if less than five separate betting interests are declared to start or due to weather or  track conditions. A cancellation of a leg will not affect the running of the remaining legs of the series.  15. No Also Eligible will draw in to race after wagering has opened.  

16. Qualifying standards for all added money events are governed by the Rules of AGCO.  

17. All nominations must be postmarked no later than due date. Failure to make a payment when it is due constitutes automatic  withdrawal from the event. Woodbine Entertainment Group recommends that if payments are being mailed, that receipt of  mailing is kept. It is suggested that payments be made by registered mail or be hand delivered to ensure safe delivery.  Payment options are available online @‐nomination/


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Woodbine Entertainment - Dana Keyes, 9430 Guelph Line., P.O. Box 160, Campbellville, ON, L0P 1B0, Tel: (888) 675-7223 ext 4306, e-mail:,website: