SC Rewind: Picture Parade

Published: May 30, 2020 09:35 am EDT

This week's Rewind is once again titled Picture Parade, a heading that should require minimal introduction or explanation. Robert Smith displays an array of old pictures from the long and colourful past of harness racing. At a time when remembering the past seems to bring at least a small measure of consolation and reassurance, it is hoped these old photos will be enjoyed.

Recent editions of Picture Parade have taken the format of a central theme, thus each one pertaining to a certain criteria. This one however contains old photos from a variety of areas, time periods and subjects. In harness racing terms let's just call it an "Open event". If you know the names of all 10 or just one, feel free to send in your answer along with the number and see how you do.

1 - These fellows were all big time winners a mere 55 years ago in 1965. Their win totals reached a cumulative 964 trips to the winner's circle that season. Can you tag them all? (Photo courtesy U.S. Hall Of Fame Harness Museum)

2 - Can you figure this one out and name the gentleman sporting his racing silks? If I give his home area away it will make it too easy.

3 - Can you identify the driver pictured here, he still isn't very old. If you can add any more names, please do so.

4 - Name the driver and you win the prize. I don't have an identity for the man with binoculars but if you do share it if you please.

5 - Turn your clock and memory back a long way for this one. Who is he?

6 - A full winner's circle with one horse and twelve people from 1981. How many can you identify? If you get the driver that will be sufficient, but if you can get more let us know. (Abahazy collection)

7 - Not an easy one. This man started his career in New Brunswick and later migrated to the U.S. where he raced for many years at several Eastern seaboard tracks. Can you name him?

8 - These two men were on the scene for a long time and shared a lot in common beyond their cap styles and sunglasses. Who are they?

9 - This fellow was a well known U.S. figure for many decades and just passed away a few short years ago. Can you put a name on him?

10 - This picture was taken just a few years ago but these boys years of experience take them back a long way. Can you name them all?

Bonus #1 - If you can identify these two consider yourself pretty good. While the gentleman in the driver's seat is no longer with us the young lad at the horse's head certainly still is. Let us know who you think they are. (Steve Tambosso photo)

Bonus #2 - Can you identify the winning driver of No. 1 in this 1984 O.S.S. event at Mohawk? If you can pick out a driver by his helmet how about trying the second place finisher as well?

Quote For The Week - A wonderful older couple were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary with a few friends and family members. The pair were in a reminiscent mood and when asked about their life together the bride said "Just imagine, we started out 60 years ago with nothing and today we still have quite a bit of it left."



Gord, you have me working overtime. The picture of Trevor and Jack Herbert was more than likely taken at Greenwood as you suggested based on the surroundings. I was basing my input on thinking that Trevor was too young to be that far away from home. In the #2 picture I was guided solely by the caption that appeared with the original picture from "The Standardbred" Oct. 10, 1984. It would have been helpful if Garth could have moved his horse ahead a little further to give us a better look at the second place finisher. Where is Carman when we need him? Love to get your comments! 

Bonus #1 has to be Greenwood with the outside hubrail.
Bonus #2 I'm sure you are correct Robert, but I don't remember Carman wearing a helmet like that.

The correct answers to this week's Picture parade photos were as follows: 
1 - From left to right - Bob Farrington, Billy Haughton, Ronnie Feagan and Gilles Lachance
2- Nealie Oliver HOF horseman from Western Canada 
3 - Driver is Mario Hebert and wife Diane along with Sudden Sue 
4 - Driver is Rod Hennessey with Lee Barton 
5 - Jack Baker at Owen Sound Fair with Dan Axworthy Jr. (Thanks to Brenda Walker for her perseverance)
6 - Driver is Larry Eaid & Kathy Burns, horse is Darlene Seelster. Among others are Brian & Gay Webster, Ray Bednarz 
7 - Driver is Francis Inman (see note below -*) 
8 - Billy Haughton left and George Sholty 
9 - Driver is Tom Wilburn of Artesia, Mississippi 
10 - Five "seniors" - Dan Ingram, Bill Young, Ray Gemmill (seated), Richard Craig and Marcel Bouvier. Special thanks to Sheldon Rose for sending it.

Bonus 1 - Trevor Ritchie and Jack Herbert with Blaze Herbert at London (I think) 
Bonus 2 - Winning driver - Garth Gordon (Anken Countessa) second Carman Hie (Idylwood Surge) 
Thanks for all your answers; it's nice to be back. All the best to everyone for the rest of 2020.

 * - Note from 1985 about Mr. Inman: "Maybe his favorite horse over the years has been Mountain View, a fast, tough pacer by White Mountain Boy who Inman raced very successfully in the deep waters of the Atlantic Seaboard Series. The Seaboard series was for non-winners of $35,000 the previous season and twenty years ago that meant going against the best invitational pacers on the East Coast."  (From Northeast Harness News archives)

Our picture experts have been busy and very successful this week on a hard batch of pictures with one exception. No one to date has ventured a guess on # 7 . A previous clue said he was from New Brunswick and raced extensively at several U.S. tracks in the East (such as Rockingham Park). One further clue. Many horse people have been "in" and "out" at various stages of their careers. The pictured MAN has always been "IN ", even from birth. Give it a try. 

Number 5 The Driver is Jack Baker, the horse I believe was a Patch horse owned by Ken McKinnon of Owen Sound.

In reply to by Robert Errol Smith

As a point of clarification on the comment from Robert Smith "I use to work for Rod back in 81...." That was not submitted by me (must have been my long lost cousin by the same name)   

Another great job Robert. Man oh man. I thought I’d been around a long time but my recognition of most of your photos is pretty darn poor. Keep up the good work. A very enjoyable read and yes. Welcome back. We missed your Saturday morning articles.

With considerable help from the great scribe and historian Doug Abraham, #2 is Neale and Mary Oliver the king of the Western Canada Pacing Derby in the 60's.
#4 is Rod Hennessy and Lee Barton.

1 The driver from 3rd left I think is Ron Feagan.
10 That is Ray Gemmill in the mobile scooter.
Bonus number 1 Trevor Ritchie holding the horse, and the driver is Jack Herbert.

Is pic #2 Brad and Agnes Gunn?
Picture #4 is it Lee Barton at the head of the horse "Senga Malcolm" and Rod Hennessy driving?

1. Robert Farrington, William Haughton, Ron Feagan and Gilles LaChance.
6. Dave Fairbairn holding horse, driver Larry ”DOC” Eaid and his bride Kathy Burns, behind them is Larry Demmers, blank, Brian Webster, blank and Ray Bednarz at Wolverine Raceway.
8. William Haughton and George Sholty.
Bonus #1. Trevor Ritchie and Jack Herbert.
Bonus #2. Garth Gordon driving #1.

WELCOME BACK REWIND !!! Thanks Robert, these are tuff ?? Names and spelling from me have to be excused , but I will start.
#1 Bob Farrington, Wm. Haughton, Ron Feagan and ?
#2 Clarence Lockart.
#3 Dianne Curry and Mario Hebert.
#6 Driver Joe Hogan, 3rd from right Brian Webster, last on right Ray Bednarz.
#8 Wm. Haughton & George Sholty.
#10 Ray Gemmill (on scooter).
Bonus #1 Trevor Ritchie and Jack Herbert.
Bonus #2 Garth Gordon (on outside)
This should get things going !!! KEEP SAFE EVERYONE !!!!

Number one is Robert Farrington Bill Haughton Ron Feagon and Gil lacHance.
Number 3 is Mario Hebert and wife Diane.
Number 8 is Bill Haughton and George Sholty.
Number 10 the only person I know is Ray Gemmill sitting on the scooter.
Bonus number one is Trevor Ritchie. I will get back to you on Bonus 2.
Great to have Rewind back Robert, thank you.

#4 is MR Lee Barton and the driver is one of my idols the great MR Rod Hennessy
#6 well I believe standing behind the race bike wheel is Marc St Louis and his father Cas St louis but the one man whose name I could never forget who just happens to be one of my biggest idols ever since I was just a child and one of the greatest trotting men ever and all round great horse person and gentlemen that would be unmistakenly MR Larry "DOC" Aide driving
#10 although I do believe I know all 5 I can only be sure of MR Ray Gemmill in the center and Richard Craig to Ray's left
bonus#1 well i'm sure everybody knows that is Trevor Richie and Mr herbert bonus#2 looks like Steve Condren And Bud fritz but them two I can't say for sure how ever thanks for always putting up a great gallery

1. ?, Bill Haughton; Ron Feagan; Gilles Lachance

8. Bill Haughton; George Sholty

10. ?; Bill Odonnell; Ray Gemmill

Bonus 1. Jack Herbert

Bill Haughton, Ron Feagan
Bonus Knee knocking Trevor Ritchie, Blaze Herbert Jack Herbert.
Bonus 2 Garth Gordon, Bud Fritz