SC Rewind: Picture Parade

Published: March 14, 2020 11:20 am EDT

This week's 'Rewind' is another edition of 'Picture Parade,' this time with the central theme of displaying photos of various racetracks -- many no longer existent. For those in the reading audience who enjoy submitting an answer or perhaps offering an "educated guess" on the subject shown, please send along your answer with the corresponding number. For those not so inclined, it is hoped that you may find some enjoyment in looking at this diverse old collection of photos. All of these oldies are from North America, none from elsewhere around the world.

1. - Where is this place?

2. - Can you correctly identify this once popular racetrack?

3. - This old Ontario track hasn't seen racing in many years but I believe it still exists.

4. - This oldie is now long gone but it was around for a very long time. It didn't look quite like this to most people still around. Can you name it?

5. - Can you correctly identify the location of this small town track in Ontario where a lot of racing action took place in days gone by? I believe it unfortunately fell victim to an arsonist. It was later replaced with a new structure shown below. (Both photos courtesy of Terry Mullen)

6. - Later demolished and replaced by a new stand this spot was the scene of great Fair racing for countless decades and even had stabling in the bottom part which was rather unique. Can you figure out its location?

7. - As the horses hit the first turn can you figure out the grandstand in the distance and thus the location?

8. - This grandstand was replaced many years ago I am sure as this photo is from 65 years ago. Now a couple of clues. It is in the U.S. and the track is still staging racing. At one time it was home to a lot of Canadian stables. Can you correctly name the location?

9. - A full grandstand was commonplace at this spot. This structure vanished a long time ago but harness racing lives on at this location. Sorry I can't give the Province or it would make it way too easy. Can you get it?

10. - Just in case you found most of these too hard, here is a "softie" to end the Quiz. Can you get it and while you're at it might as well name a person or two seen here?

Bonus Photo

Can anyone shed any light on where this track picture may have been taken? It was given to me many years ago with absolutely no identification as to location or date. If it looks familiar, be sure to give it a shot and send in your best guess. Wherever it was, looks like it was able to attract a pretty good sized crowd.

Quote For The Week: "Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you." - From Walt Whitman



This week's pictures seemed to draw considerable attention and as usual lots of correct answers. 
1 - Pompano Park, Florida 
2 - Roosevelt Raceway, Long Island, N.Y. 
3 - Ridgetown, Ont., one time home to the Supertest colt stakes. Still there, thanks Bev.
4 - Old Woodbine as it looked a very long time ago
5 - New Hamburg, Ont. - former site of Canadian Pacing Derby
6 - Simcoe, Ont . (Norfolk County Fair)
7 - Charlottetown, P.E.I . - Old Home Week 
8 - Buffalo Raceway, Hamburg, N.Y.
9 - Three Rivers, Quebec 
10 - Richelieu Park Montreal - Driver correctly identified by Garth Gordon and Pierre Grise as Marcel L'Heureux. 

Bonus Photo - Thanks to Mr. Schurman for the suggestion that this old scene may have been at Montague, P.E.I. I am going to research this a bit further as time goes on.

Looks like a couple of this week's pictures have yet to be correctly  identified so I will offer a clue on each one still unanswered.

# 2 - Think big, Really Really big
# 9 - How many strikes do you get in baseball?

Number seven I believe is the Charlottetown Driving Park and the bonus photo I think is the old track in Montague, PEI where the photo finish was invented.

Number 10 is Richelieu Park. The winning driver is Ephrem “Marcell” L’Heureux and I am quite sure the horse he drove was Empire Song, a good trotter he had in the mid to late 50’s. Far right is George Giguere, the race secretary at the time.

1) Blue Bonnets
2) Greenwood
3) Ancaster Fair Grounds
4) Old Woodbine
5) Leamington?
6) Norfolk County
Keep up the good work Robert.

1. Pompano Park
4. Greenwood with clock tower and spitbox (used to collect saliva for testing in days gone by)
5. Leamington?

# 4 was not named as of yet.....
I am certain it was Old Woodbine where the flats were racing around 1954
I recognize the old fire hall clock tower waaaay in the distance!

As sure as there's a tombstone marking the burial site of The Count B in the infield, #5 is New Hamburg, Ont.

Number 5 New Hamburg
Number 6 Norfolk County Fair Simcoe. The steps from the track to the grandstand I remember well.