SC Rewind: Couples Picture Parade

Published: February 15, 2020 10:55 am EST

This week's Rewind is another edition of Picture Parade; this time with a Valentine's Day inspired theme. Robert Smith has gathered a collection of photos of couples, all in some way connected to harness racing at some point in time.

This photo isn't part of today's quiz

The collage includes many familiar faces from down through the years; some very easily recognized and others perhaps not necessarily so. No need for a lengthy set of rules, just jot down the number and submit your best guess using the comment section. As always if you're not a "guesser" then just enjoy seeing this great cast of folks.

While perusing the list don't be afraid to hum or sing a verse or two of "Let Me Call You Sweetheart..." Valentine's day was officially yesterday, but let's just make this Valentine's Day weekend and extend the theme of love and thoughtfulness.

1 - Just a few years ago?

2 - A handsome couple; can you name them?

3 - Pretty easy?

4 - The presenter Orlo Owen is on the far left.

5 - Can you figure out this duo?

6 - Can you name them?

7 - Can you name these smiling folks?

8 - Who is this?

9 - The presenter in the centre is a representative of the Supertest Oil Co. Can you identify the driver and his wife?

10 - Who are these two handsome folks? (HTA Photo)

Quote For The Week: Sign in a Repair Shop - "We do the impossible right away, miracles take overnight."



This week's Couples Picture Parade brought forth a lot of correct answers. To summarize they were as follows: # 1 - Bill & Dottie Haughton #2 - Jack & Florence Campbell # 3 -Bill & Jean Wellwood # 4 - Jack & Floris Gordon # 5 - Delvin & Mary Lib Miller # 6 - Paul & Brenda Walker # 7 - Bruce & Glenna Clements (with Fearless Doc) # 8 - Bob & Patti McIntosh (and I believe Rob Jr.) # 9- Bill & Ruth Rowe # 10 - Stan & June Bergstein. Thanks to everyone for joining in and also for your comments on Rewind. 

Another great job Robert. Keep up the good work.
# 9 was easy for me. My next door neighbours and good friends Bill and Ruth Rowe.
Thanks for all that you do for our sport.

1. Dorothy and Billy Haughton
2. Jack and Florance Campbell
3. Bill and Jean Wellwood
4. Jack and Floris Gordon
5. Mary Libb and Delvin Miller
6. Brenda and Paul Walker
7. Glenna and Bruce Clements and Fearless Doc
8. Bob and Patti McIntosh
9. Bill Rowe
10. Stan and June Bergstein

With help from Carman. Combined 143 years of knowledge.

From our area.
3. Bill and Jean Wellwood
6. Paul and Brenda Walker
7. Looks like Bruce and Glenna Clements from the 60's

Does the top picture have anything to do with you showing your romantic side??? I know all the others, I think, except for some of the wives names. Is it OK if I just use family names. Haughton, Campbell, Wellwood, Gordon, Miller, Walker, Clements, McIntosh, Rowe, Bergstein. "Happy Valentines" to you Robert, and all the readers of "Rewind" !!!!

1. Dot and Bill Haughton
2. Jack and Flo Campbell
3. Bill and Jean Wellwood
4. No clue
5. Mary Lib and Del Miller
6. Brenda and Paul Walker
7. Glenna and Bruce Clements
8. Bob and Patti McIntosh
9. Looks like a Rowe
10. Stan Bergstein and wife.