SC Rewind: Picture Parade

Published: December 18, 2021 11:24 am EST

Another version of "Picture Parade" is offered up by Robert Smith as this week's Rewind. He has once again delved into the scrapbook and come up with a bevy of old pictures for your viewing and guessing pleasure. If you choose to try your luck at identifying these 'oldies' then just pick one or two or if you're inclined to go for more please do so.

This time the theme of the random collection of pictures is entitled "The Winner's Circle." Each photo includes a traditional gathering that takes place following the conclusion of a race. Most people know from experience that it is instantly a joyous occasion and never grows old.

#1 - Here is a pretty happy group of folks following a win at Montreal's Blue Bonnets track. Sixty years have slipped by since this one was taken but can you name any of the pictured folks?

#2 - Here is a nice daytime photo. Can you name the driver? If anyone else looks familiar let us know. (Abahazy photo collection)

#3 - This is an oldie but a goodie. If you can identify the driver please do so. It is the oldest of the group, taken about 65 years ago. (Harness Horse)

#4 - The gentleman on the far right is owner Peter Kukurin. The other two should be pretty easy but let's see if you can name them.

#5 - The driver should pose no problem but if you can spot anyone else with a familiar look be sure to share the answers. (Abahazy photo collection)

#6 - A bespectacled horse is not an everyday sight. Can you name the driver in this picture and for that matter any of the other lucky seven captured here in a great old photo? (Harry Holme photo)

#7 - The task here is to name the driver and the award presenter. They are jointly holding the trophy. This photo was taken at Saratoga but the two gentlemen in question were both Canadian. Let us know who they are if you can.

#8 - This is a pretty orderly looking gathering with everyone standing in a nice straight row. Let's start with naming the driver as he is the only one that I can identify. If you happen to recognize anyone else feel free to share it. (Abahazy photo collection)

#9 -The year and the track should be quite apparent but what about the people and maybe the horse? How many can you name?

# 10 - Can you identify the driver in the above photos (lower one is a close up version) taken nearly 50 years ago? The event was sponsored by Belvedere cigarettes, a popular supporter of harness racing, often at the smaller tracks.

Quote For The Week: "The past, the present and the future are really one; they are today." From Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of Uncle Tom's Cabin

Bonus Photo

Who do we have here? This gent was not a full-time horseman but at one time he did some driving in addition to his regular job. Can you name him?



The correct answers for this week's pictures were as follows

# 1 - The Clouthiers of Pembroke at Blue Bonnets. From left Hector Sr., Nel, Molly and driver Harvey Gallagher. Northwood Alex was the winning horse and I believe Harvey was a nephew of Hector Sr.
# 2 - Driver was Doug Arthur after winning Matron Stake with the filly trotter Durita Hanover at Wolverine
# 3 - Driver was Wm. Haughton after a win with Duane Hanover at Blue Bonnets
# 4 - Driver Shelly Goudreau, Chas. Juravinski and owner of Baron Gerard, Peter Kukurin
# 5 - Driver of Lisa Darocy was Bill Gale. For full details see comment from David Darocy. Thanks David.
# 6 - Driver Jack Darling with owner Trevor Ritchie holding Success Grant (See Jack Darling comment)
# 7 - The horse was Marlu Pride with Jim Lampman Ont. Jockey Club PR man presenting the award to driver Herve Filion
# 8 - Driver of Merrywood Rick was Don Larkin. I believe the owners Eric and Ella McElroy are pictured second and third from far right in this 1975 photo.
# 9 - Winning horse was Hensall Hanover. For full disclosure see comment from Garth Gordon
# 10 - Winning driver of Dolly Clay was John M. McClure of Norval who co-owned with Bruce Cantelon of Bolton ;photo taken at Hanover Raceway in 1972. This was the filly's only victory in the stakes series but she managed to earn a respectable $3,034 for the season thanks to the much higher purses offered . The other division that same night was won by Derby Dan owner driven by Ron Ellerker of Forest, Ont.
Note - The stakes events went for around $2600 while many of the others on this same card raced for a $225 purse.

The bonus photo was correctly identified by several as Bobby Hull "The Golden Jet" pictured here in his Winnipeg Jets jersey. They were in the WHA from 1972-1979
Thanks so much folks for joining in. Very nice note from James Cantelon.
Merry Christmas to all!

Number 1 Mr. and Mrs Hector Clouthier and I think that the driver is there daughter Sandra. Number 2 is Doug Authur. Can’t remember Doug training to many trotters. Number 3 is William Haughton winning with Duane Hanover, Belle Acton or Trader Horn at Blue Bonnets Raceway.number 4 is Shelly Gaudreau and Charles Juravinski. Number 5 is Bill Gale. Number 7 is Herve Filion and Jim Lampan. Number 8 is Don Larkin. Number 9 is Hensell Hanover owned by Jim Walker and Robert Lee and myself in the winner’s circle after lowering the track record for 3 year old pacing colts to 1523/5. In the winner circle along with me is my late wife Gloria and Mike and Cathy Saftic. At the front of the horse is caretaker Liz Waples. Beside Liz is Shaky Louie. Shaky worked for Bob Farrington and looked after Grampa Jim when he won 3 consecutive Maple Leaf Trots. That picture was taken in 1995 26 years ago. Bonus photo is the golden jet Bobby Hull the first hockey player to make a million dollars.

Ronnies answers
1. Hector Cloutier and Sandra Burns
2. Doug Arthur
3. Bill Haughton
4. Shelley Goodrow, Charlie Juravinski
5. Bill Gale
6. Jack Darling
7. Herve Fillion, Erv Liverman
8. holding horse is Glen Kodiak, driving is Don Larkin
9. Shakey Louis, holding horse Liz Waples, Mike and Cathy Saftic, Garth and Gloria Gordon, horse is Hensell Hanover...track record at the time
10. ??
bonus Bobby Hull

#10 Is John McClure (Grampa of Bob McClure). In the closeup picture is Jimmy and Billy McClure as well as my brother Dave Cantelon. My dad, Bruce Cantelon was partners with John on the mare, Dolly Clay and she raced that year chasing around two good colts in the Belvedere series named Derby Dan and Atomas. That particular race was at Hanover where she drew into a different division and she was lucky enough to win. I remember how pleased my dad and John were that night. It was a night like this one that keeps me and my two brothers and the entire McClure family still involved in the sport. Thanks Mr Smith for the work you do on your column. I look forward to it every week. Merry Christmas. Jim Cantelon

#6 Trevor Ritchie holding the horse. My wife Ann beside me,her sister Susan beside her and Trevor's sister Marie Daer on the end. The horse is Success Grant.This was the first horse that Trevor owned. Standardbreds in those days were nicknamed "jugheads" and Success Grant filled the bill. Trevor made a nice profit on this horse and turned those profits into a multi year series of successful purchases. Trevor was completing his qualifying drives at this time and his driving career began shortly after this photo was taken. Great memories.

#1. No idea.
#2. Possibly Doug Arthur at Wolverine Raceway.
#3. Duane Hanover and driver William Haughton.
#4. Shelly Goudreau and Charles Juravinski.
#5. Assistant trainer for the Lew Clark stable Chris Burkoski holding the pacing mare Lisa Darocy, next is Harold Peel, driver William Gale, Ernie Darocy my father who was the owner and breeder, yours truly, brother Randy, brother Ernie Jr. and in front of him is Roger Peltier at Wolverine Raceway in 1978.
#6. Jack Darling driving with his wife beside him at Western Fair Raceway.
#7. Not sure.
#8. Tim or Todd Buter.
#9. Driver is Mike Saftic and it looks like Garth Gordon on the far right so I would guess the horse is one of the many great horses that was conditioned my Mr. Gordon around this time. Soft Light, Armbro Acton or Armbro Cruiser may be this horse?
#10. Possibly John Lester with Atomos?
Bonus Photo l will say is Bobby Hull.

#1 /
#2 Doug Arthurs
#3 ?
#4 Shelley Goudreau , Charles Juravinski
#5 Bill Gale
#6 ?
#8 ?
#9 Mike Saftic , Garth Gordon
#10 ?
Bonus photo Bobby Hull

2. The great Doug Arthur, would like to know the track
3. Maybe Bill Haughton
4. Shelly Goodreau. Charlie Juravinski beside Shelly.
5. Bill Gale
6. Trotting Trev, J.D
7. Jim Lampman, Herve
8. Don Larkin with I'm sure a Merrywood horse
9. Mike Saftic,Jennifer Unger, Double G on the far outside
10. Close up doesn't even help.
Bonus Golden Jet.
Thanks Robert! And Merry Christmas to all.

Good stuff Robert !! Excuse my spelling!
#1 Hec & Mollie Clouthier, Driver Harvey Gallagher. Horse is a beautiful chestnut Northwood, but I can't remember his 2nd name.
2. Doug Arthur driver.
3. Morris McDonald , driver.
4. Shelly Goudreau driver and Charles Juravinski.
5.Bill Gale driver.
7.Herve Filion driver and Bill Galvin presenting.
8.Don Larkin driver.
9. Mike Saftic, driver.Couple on far right, Garth (trainer, part owner) and Gloria Gordon with Banker Fritz.
Bonus: Bobby Hull.