SC Rewind: From The Scrapbook

Published: October 23, 2021 09:59 am EDT

This week's Rewind is another version of Picture Parade. I am going to call this one "From The Scrapbook" as it is a medley of older photos, mainly from the late 70's and early 80's and includes a wide variety of subjects and locations.

Unlike other recent editions of "Picture Parade" there is no central theme. Hope you like the selection, I don't believe any of them have been included in any earlier Rewinds.

By now I think everyone knows the routine. You can guess as many as you wish or just pick and choose the ones you want. Just state the number and your answer and send it along via the Comments feature. Stay tuned during the upcoming week as the correct answers are given. Good Luck!

#1 - These two fellows are all smiles and one is holding a trophy so how much better does it get? Can you name them both?

#2 - This driver of No. 8 is no longer with us but I'll bet a lot of people remember him. Who is he?

#3 - Mrs. Bell Sopman on the far left presents a trophy to the winning driver. Can you identify the driver and also the fellow between them? The caretakers were not identified but if anyone recognizes them please add their names.

#4 - This was O.S.S. action but that's the only clue. Let us know who you think it is in the sulky.

#5 - The first task is naming the winning driver of No. 4. How about the other two drivers that appear in this photo as well?

#6 - A winning smile and a fellow who did a lot of winning too. Can you come up with who it is?

#7 - Can you put a correct name on the driver and maybe the horse too?

#8 - This fellow is shown accepting a prestigious award presented to outstanding caretakers. Can you name him and for good measure how about naming the horse he groomed so expertly?

#9 - Who is in the pilot's seat in this photo? Better include the well known driver who had to settle for second driving No. 3 on this occasion as well.

#10 - The three drivers shown all had outstanding driving records at Flamboro when this photo was taken. Can you name the drivers? The other three fellows are all representatives from Molson's Breweries, the sponsor.

Bonus: This photo and a short article appeared in the Standardbred magazine about 40 years ago and this fellow had been involved in the sport for a few years by then. He is still "at it" today. Can you name him?

Quote For The Week: "We drive a fine line." - An ad from a trucking company.



This week's pictures seem to create some interest for our expert readers. The correct answers were as follows:

# 1 - Joe Hudon driver and Pat Lundy trainer. Winning horse was Baron Nuff after victory in $20,000 Rocky Mountain Stake
# 2 - Charlie Lawson
# 3 - Ed Bradley and Morrie MacDonald
# 4 - Benoit Cote usually associated with Quebec did compete in the OSS as shown here
# 5 - Wm. Wellwood winning with Mays Victor followed by Kevin Wallis and "Trottin" Trevor Ritchie with a pacer
# 6 - Ray Remmen
# 7 - Brent Davies driving Maple Lanes Strike
# 8 - Dan Riddell groom of Ralph Hanover
# 9 - Ronnie Waples driving Soul Food defeating Armbro Sonnet and Joe O'Brien
# 10 - Ray McLean Sr., Rick "Stick" Webb as many mentioned and Billy Budd

The bonus picture was correctly identified by several as Peter Clements "PC" the pride and joy of Dobbinton, Ont. (I have actually been there.) I remember his parents Bruce and Glenna very well from days gone by. Who could forget Fearless Doc?
Thanks folks for joining in and making the effort worthwhile .

#1 Joe Hudon and ?
#2 Charlie Lawson
#3 Morley MacDonald and ?
#4 ?
#5 Bill Wellwood Kevin Wallace Trevor Ritchie
#6 Ray Remmen
#7 Brent Davies
#8 ?
#9 ? Joe O'Brien
#10 Ray Mclean, Rick [Stick] Webb, Bill Budd
Bonus Peter Clements

1. Joe Hudon 2. Chas Lawson 3. Ed Bradley, Morrie Mcdonald 4. Ben Cote 5. Woody, Gordon Waples, Trottin Trev 6. Saskatchewans finest Ray Remmen 7.Brent Davies, Maple Lane Strike 8. I should know 9. Ron Waples, Joe O'Brien 10. Ray Mclean, Stick Webb, Billy Budd. Bonus Dobbingtons icon Peter Clements. Thanks Robert!

#1 Joe Hudon and ?
#2 Joe O'Brien
#3 Ed Bradley and Morris McDonald
#4 Steve Condren
#5 Bill Wellwood, Keith Waples, Trevor Ritchie
#6 Ray Remmen (good western kid)
#7 maple lane strikes and Brent Davies
#8 ???
#9 Ronnie Waples and Joe O'Brien
#10 Ray Maclean, Bill Budd, ??

Bonus Pete Clements

*Smart Ash!!!!

# 4 Benoit Cote?
# 5 William Wellwood, Kevin Wallis & Trevor Ritchie.
# 6 Ray Remmen
# 7 Brent Davies (possibly with Maple Lanes Strike)
# 9 Ron Waples & Joe O'Brien.

Robert, I believe the young lady is Sue Green, she came up from N.Y. to Ontario when Morris MacDonald brought his stable back to the OJC from NY. Sue's language was much the same as Morris's, if you know what I mean. I had the pleasure of working for him a couple of years in the early 70's. It was always entertaining. Barry McGrath, Calgary