Pleasure Registration

Once the owner of a Standardbred has decided, for the best interest of the horse, to end its racing and breeding career, the owner has the option to convert the registration of his/her horse to a pleasure registration at no charge. This horse will be flagged as CANCELLED in the database, meaning that the computer will prevent entry of the horse in a race and the registration of its progeny. If the horse is not electronically registered, the original registration certificate and a Non-Breeding and Racing Agreement form will be required in order to convert to a pleasure registration.

A horse who has been converted to a pleasure registration can be transferred to a new owner but will not be able to race or breed as a Standardbred. A registration certificate will be issued in the new owner’s name. A Stamp applied to the certificate “For Non-Racing Breeding Purposes” will indicate that this horse has been converted to pleasure registration. A Non-Breeding and Racing Agreement form must be submitted to complete a transfer for pleasure registration. If the new owner is a non-member, he/she will also have to complete a new membership form. A fee of $70 will be charged for ownership transfer, which will include the ownership transfer, information of the new owner added to our database, issuance of Registration Certificate and one free year of TROT Magazine.

Pleasure registration is final and cannot be reverted to a racehorse or have its progeny registered.