2022 Two-Year-Olds in Training - Ontario - M - Z

Anthony MacDonald, Guelph, Ontario
Absolute Euphoria, F, Domethatagain - Stirling Euphoria
Always Charming, G, Enterprise - Rose Run Roxann
Anchors Up, C, Trixton - Harbour Belle
Austral Hanover, G, International Moni - Aspidistra Hanover
Captain In The Air, G, Captaintreacherous - Magic In The Air
Carter Michael Deo, C, International Moni - Brigham Dream
Cash Deals, F, Wheeling N Dealin - Im So Ready
Chocolateforlunch, F, Dali - Simply Mavelous
Columbus, G, What The Hill - Carmenooch
Coupe Deville, F, Uncle Peter - Celebrity Deville
Crantini, C, International Moni - Peach Martini
Cunning Connie, F, Muscle Mass - Connie Jean
Cutiecumber, F, Chapter Seven - Porque
Depend On It, C, Long Tom - Glide Onin Sabrina
Dreaminofcredit, C, Credit Fashion - Ona Dream
Enzo Aguello, C, Father Patrick - Treasure On Credit
Fashion Presidente, C, Donato Hanover - Raising Rachel
Five Fish Species, F, Chapter Seven - Stylemaker
Full Heart, F, Full Count - Marcella Hall
Gandolf The Black, C, Shadow Play - Mimis Luck
GJS ATM, C, Credit Creation - Enchanting
High Enterprise, F, Enterprise - High Society
Hill Street Blues, C, What The Hill - Matriarch Hanover
Horn Player, F, Tactical Landing - Final Countdown
Lady All Star, F, My MVP - Lady Tini
Landing Pad, C, Tactical Landing - I Feel Love
Landing Strip, C, Tactical Landing - Margie Seelster
Leapsnbounds, F, Bar Hopping - Travelin Supergirl
Lost Spirit, C, Lost For Words - Platinum Spirit
Mae Lose Control, C, Control The Moment - Laura Mae
Magical Tom, G, Long Tom - Vandys Magic
Merchantman, C, Father Patrick - Majestic Style
Mo Power Baby, F, Muscle Massive - Malibu Breeze
More Than Ya Know, C, Heston Blue Chip - My Fleet Delight
My One Percent, G, My MVP - Deweyann
Nothingbutadreamer, C, Muscle Mass - Myimpossibledream
Oh My Gosh, G, Swan For All - Oh My Darlin
Olczyk, C, Sunshine Beach - Sproxy Roxy
Outlaw Jesse James, C, Big Jim - Mach Denali
Real Fear, C, Fear The Dragon - Real Successful
Rideau Legacy, F, All Bets Off - Highland Lucy
Rositas Dream, C, Dontcheatonmenow - Jayport Rosita
Silent Assassin, F, Devious Man - Run The World
Sippin On My Shine, G, What The Hill - Zoe Bi
Sir Strong, C, Muscle Hill - Royal Intrigue
Sister Solange, F, Father Patrick - Dewdle All Day
Smokinhotirishgirl, F, Uncle Peter - Fantasy Yankee
Spitfire Oversees, C, International Moni - Legal Lady
Swinging Senorita, F, What The Hill - Lei Trevino
Tactical Mounds, F, Tactical Landing - Mounds
Tailgate Buzz, G, Bar Hopping - Twin B Alibi
Taktical Takter, C, Tactical Landing - Solveig
Twin Cedars Alstar, G, Lous Legacy - Fire Lansky
Una Madonna, F, Tactical Landing - Unica Donna It
Victor Cruise, G, Yankee Cruiser - Boomers Sidekick
Warrawee Yuri, C, Kadabra - Karoon
What A Mission, C, What The Hill - Turquoise Sweetie
Whispering Song, F, Enterprise - Keystone Willamina
Wouldntitbenice, F, Hes Watching - Graphene

Ted McDonald, Greely, Ontario
Rose Run Yolae, F, Hes Watching - Mrs American Pie

Jason McGinnis, Campbellville, Ontario
Beca Mitchell, F, Sportswriter - Luxardo
Stylish Writer, F, Sportswriter - Nothing But Style

Robert McIntosh, LaSalle, Ontario
All Attitude, C , Bettors Delight - Strike An Attitude
Bet On It, C, All Bets Off - Sanfrancine
Better Option, C, Bettors Delight - West Third Street
Big Big Plans, F, All Bets Off - Somethinincredible
Busting With Pride, C, Resolve - Bustingattheseams
Dazzling Beach, F, Sunshine Beach - Drop Dead Gorgeous
Dear Birdie, F, Betting Line - Miss Mary Lou
Favorite Beach, F, Sunshine Beach - Lets Head Out West
Fine By Me, F, Sunshine Beach - All Is Well
Glenfidich, C, Wheeling N Dealin - Amazing Adventure
Mass Market, C, Muscle Mass - Pier Ho La Donato
Moment Is Here, C, All Bets Off - Breathtacular
One Crazy Guy, C, Thinking Out Loud - Beaches Be Crazy
Quite Nice, F, Bettors Delight - Lasting Appeal
Shine Brighter, F, Sunshine Beach - Dress To Suggest
Stay Strong, F, Lookslikeachpndale - Stay In Touch
Twin B Showmance, C, Tactical Landing - Showstopper
Wise Thinking, C, Thinking Out Loud - Breathdefying

Rick Mc Neil, Hamilton, Ontario
St Lads Mischief, C, Sportswriter - Sand Song

Scott McNiven, Dorchester, Ontario
Captain Clarkie, G, Muscle Mass - Miss Loo Loo Belle
It Takes Two, G, Artspeak - Shellace
Pebble Beach Pro, G, Betterthancheddar - Wheres My Pebble
Sporty Miss B, F, Sportswriter - Bandolera Hanover

Stewart McQueen, Sarnia, Ontario
Misperfection VM, F, Vintage Master - Prom Prom

David Menary, Puslinch, Ontario
Joker On Jack, G, Bettors Delight - JK Molly
Best Bet Deo, G, Bettors Delight - Some Renditions
Rock A Honey, C, All Bets Off - Homegrown Honey
He's A Sweetheart, G, Hes Watching - Lyonssweetie
Rose Run Yanna, F, Hes Watching - Sterling Delilah
Compassrose De Vie, F, Always B Miki - Seeking Nirvana
Nazare, C, Sweet Lou - Butchie Beach
Voracious, G, Stay Hungry - Cabrini Hanover
Twin B Seamonster, G, Downbytheseaside - See Major
All About Time, G, Lazarus N - Envious Hanover
Luke's Bar, C, Bar Hopping - Lukes Sophie
Tymal Ladylike, F, Muscle Mass - Docs Baby

Ken Middleton, Cambridge, Ontario
Grammies Girl, F, Big Jim - Lady Marina
Little Ballofhate, G, Betterthancheddar - Little Miss Sporty

Chantal Mitchell, Puslinch, Ontario
Baroness Hill, F, Kadabra - Secret Passion
Beach Bet, G, All Bets Off - Beach Goddess
Bet On Sunday, F, Bettors Delight - Inanotherworld
D Gs Tesla, F, Shadow Play - Majo Elika
Hangover Hill, C, Bettors Delight - Chasing Ideals
Icantpace, F, Lookslikeachpndale - Wonder Wand
Shout It Out Loud, G, Artspeak - Gossip Model
Sweet Amira, F, Sweet Lou - Bolt Of Thunder
Talk Curdy To Me, F, Betterthancheddar - Keepers Destiny
Undercover Hill, G, Bettors Delight - Show Time Hill

Dr. Ian Moore, Cambridge, Ontario
(currently training at Southern Oaks, Florida)
Arthurs Shadow, C, Arthur Blue Chip — A And Gs Creek
Best Shadow, C, Shadow Play — Kims The Best
Capri Sun, F, Sportswriter — Kiddie Cocktail
Cleveland Big J, C, Big Jim — Matilda
Got The Gold, F, Bettors Delight — Ideal Nuggets
Lindy’s Beachtoy, C, Hes Watching — Lindwood Beachgirl
Meg,F, Hes Watching — Trilife
Shadows Terror,C, Shadow Play — Cyber Terror
Sis, F, Sportswriter — Sammy’s Magic Girl
Stockade Seelster, F, State Treasurer — Soiree Seelster
We Shall Sea, C, Downbytheseaside — Anothercam Kiss

Steve Morse, Dorchester, Ontario
Chesnutt Charlotte, F, Rose Run Hooligan - Lane Of Dream
Devils Arch, C, Archangel - Bobbi Jos Ex
Whillowridge Escape, C, Amigo Hall - Allinthefamily

Dan Murphy, Odessa, Ontario
Amys MVP, F, My MVP - Amex

Eric Nadeau, Hamilton, Ontario
(asst trainer: Louis Roy, Guelph Ontario)
Pocahontas du lac, F, Betterthancheddar - Sheissuchadream
Parsons, C, Shadow Play - Twin B Inspiring

John Pentland, Dorchester
Fixn And Mixn , C, Betterthancheddar - Kates Joy
Reign Supreme, C, Control The Moment - Amulet Seelster
Betteronthebeach, C, Betterthancheddar - Jet To The Beach
Brave Chic, F, Royal Mattjesty - Fit N Bad
Uhuh Bluechip, F, Betterthancheddar - Frame Worthy
Southwind Julep, F, Bettors Delight - Southwind Johanne
Ima Doll, F, Control The Moment - Voodoo Charm
Mist Amber, F, Betterthancheddar - Amber Hanover

Todd Ratchford, Caledonia, Ontario
Shay Seelster, F, Sunshine Beach- She Butterfly

Randy Rier, Walkerton, Ontario
Cheddar Rose, F, Betterthancheddar - Kingston Who
Charmbo Joy, F, Sportswriter - Charmbo Lucky

Julie Robinson, Hagersville, Ontario
Colby Maguire, F, BetterThanCheddar - Meredith Maguire N
Two Pistol Annie, F, Lazarus N - Magical Bestern

James Ross, Wingham, Ontario
Liberty Royal, G, Royal Mattjesty - Kimberlys Baby
Jayport Lexus, G, Artspeak - Beachy Girl
Calystcal, F, All Bets Off - Callmeinthemorning

Brian Scott, Brinston, Ontario
Betterontheisland, F, Betterthancheddar - Im Before You

Brian Shewfelt, Kincardine, Ontario
Perfect Smiley, G, Perfect Union - Hot Dam Here Iam

Jerry Sims, Denfield, Ontario
Pull The Gate, G, Artspeak - Stonebridge Superb

Bud & Lindsey Sinclair & Sons, Stratford, Ontario
Penumbra, F, Sportswriter - Cruisin Northwest
Gianna Seelster, F, Sunshine Beach - Glowing Killean
Early Play, C, Shadow Play - Before Dawn
Dont Test Me, F, Sportswriter - Testing Center
Remi Seelster, F, Bettors Delight - Rose Knows

Mark Steacy, Lansdowne, Ontario
Better In The Dark, F, Bettors Delight - Lights Go Out
Front Page Story, F, Captaintreacherous - Wenditions
Sylvia Hanover, F, Always B Miki - Shyaway
Sweet Loving, F, Sweet Lou - No More Loving
Warrawee Yankee, C, Sweet Lou - Warrawee Quick
Short Sell Hanover, F, Bettors Delight - Shortstory Hanover
Four Foot Gimme, C, Sunshine Beach - Queens Character
Ahi Sunshine, C, Sunshine Beach - Racey Miss
Champagne Bettina, F, Archangel - Day Dream
Royal Muscle, C, Muscle Hill - Royal Charm
Midnight Matty, F, Betterthancheddar - Shes Deadly
Warrawee Yes, F, Walner - Sound Check
Sheenas Secret, C, Tactical Landing - Sheenas Shadow
Sister Act, F, Father Patrick - Amourato
Ace Of Aces, C, Bettors Delight -Artisticlyinclined
Dance With Tabby, F, Bettors Delight - Dancingatnight
Girlwithoutlimits, F, Father Patrick - Sky Hanover
Better B Bold, C, Betterthancheddar - B So Lucky
Century Jamila, F, Bettors Delight - Exotic Pleasure

Jeff Taylor, Ottawa, Ontario
Chasing Goosebumps, Hes Watching- MG Idole

Teresa L. Stokes, Midhurst, Ontario
On Time Charlie, G, All Bets Off - Santannas Gal
Cojack, G, Betterthancheddar - Daylon Highlander
Better Forever, G, Betterthancheddar - Katies Beach
Play The Rush, G, Shadow Play - Boat House Row

Mitch Tierney, Puslinch, Ontario
Wheres The Money, G, State Treasurer - Menagerie
Acefortyfour Bolt, G, Dali - Lady Santana

Jean Tourigny, Guelph, Ontario
Hp Adaline, F, Lookslikeachpndale - Canbec Kadence
Hp Run For Dan, F, Alarm Detector - Hp Run Like Mom
Hp Space Oddity, F, All Bets Off - A Mary Can Sting
Wolinak, C, Wheeling N Dealin - Flora Dream
Lookslikeachix, F, Lookslikeachpndale - La Ponpadour
How Will I Know, F, Betterthancheddar - Artist Beach
Thong Control, C, Control The Moment - Thong Song
Fighting Fit, C, Muscle Mass - Quintessa

Michel Turenne, Gloucester, Ontario
La Barbe, C, Sunshine Beach - Red Shoe Lace

Mike Wade, Little Britain, Ontario
Summerweiss, F, Bettors Delight - Triple Charm
Sono Sincera, F, Artspeak - Southwind Gloria
Wildcat Watching, F, Hes Watching - Wildcat Beauty

Dean Wall, Komoka, Ontario
Made of Magic, C, Lookslikeachpndale - Boots N Hearts
Sunshine N Rain, F, Sunshine Beach - So Rammie

Isaac Waxman, Ridgeville, Ontario
Ruffled Lily, F, Huntsville - Lilywhites

Shane Weber, St. Catherines, Ontario
Cactus To The Clouds, C, Alarm Detector - Keep the Spirit
Smokin Fast, C, Alarm Detector - California Rachel
Izzys Sophia, F Alarm Detector - World Class Izzy
Miss Expo, F, Alarm Detector - World Class Image
Inthenameofmyfather, C, Kadabra - Fiery Manes
Musical Ride, C, Musical Rhythm - Miss Adam T
Social Distanced, F, Muscle Mass - Ms Kristins Baby
Known Agenda, C, Resolve - True Friends

Mark Williams, Essex, Ontario
B R Legacy, F, Thinking Out Loud - B R Lucky Lady

Rick Zeron, Guelph, Ontario
Always B Me, F, Always B Miki - R Marie Hanover
Barcelona Princess, F, Bar Hopping - Treasure Dreams
Canitellusomething, F,Cantab Hall - Chapter Heaven
Champagne Thirsty, F, Father Patrick - Big Barb
Outfox, F, Chapter Seven - Rustic Rosie
Rainbow Legacy, F, Resolve - Rainbow View
Top Cap, F, Captaintreacherous - Apogee Hanover
Twenty Twenty, C, Trixton - Wilsonator