2022 Two-Year-Olds in Training - Ontario - A - L

Gary Adair, Campbellville, Ontario
Holiday Hush, F, Holiday Road - Promise Not To Tell

James Donald Armitage, Dunrobin, Ontario
Armstead Sandy, G, Lookslikeachpndale - Magical Anna

Mike Armstrong, Cardinal, Ontario
Night Jet, F, Sportwriter - Jet Hot Stuff
Royal Assent, C, Royal Mattjesty - Win D Won

Dolores Basilone, Hamilton, Ontario
St Lads Tricky, F, Wheelin And Dealing - Early Secret
St Lads Flash, C, Artspeak - Blows Me Away
Treasures Watching, F, Hes Watching - St Lads Treasure
Allstar Smiles, F, All Bets Off - Smile By A Mile
Jayport Anna May, F, Muscle Mass

John Bax, Campbellville, Ontario
Certified Agent, C, Kadabra - I Like Stephanie
Darbyshire, C, Muscle Mass - Danish Darby
Deadline Hall, C, Muscle Mass - Daylon Mystique
Grab Da Moni, F, International Moni - Gradabra
Its Your Choice, F, Muscle Mass - Choice Hall
Leading Resolve, C, Resolve - Hudsons Yaya
Lowry, C, Father Patrick - Hustle Heart
Match Meif You Can, F, Resolve -Harlequin Seelster
Oh Look Magic, C, Lookslikeachipndale - Miami Magic
Priceless Resolve, F, Resolve - Priceless Lass
Proud To Be Lindy, F, Muscle Hill - Lindys Lullaby
Quite Fast, F, Walner - Juanitas Fury
Resolve To Win, C, Resolve - Sensual Hall
Righteous Resolve, F, Resolve - Motown Muscle
Snowpiercer, C, Muscle Mass - Wheely Quick
Sound Advise, F, Walner - Stars Edge
Southwind Coors, C, Walner - Southwind Cabaret
Tactical Takeoff, F, Tactical Landing - Armbro Deja Vu
Tusk N Dale, C, Lookslikeachipndale - Tusk
Watch A Pro, C, Kadabra - Watch The Show

Anthony Beaton, Puslinch, Ontario
The Will To Play, C, Shadow Play - Lady Willpower
Troubles A Brewin, C, Betterthancheddar - Respectednbeloved
Cheese So Pretty, F, Betterthancheddar - Endless Legacy
Duchenne, F, Betting Line - Dont You Smile
Western Swagger, C, Bettors Delight - Full Picture
Staythirsty De Vie, C, Stay Hungry - Starofthesea Devie
Write The Rules, F, Sportswriter - Big Bottom
George Hanover, C, All Bets Off - Go On BB
Lady Laura, F, All Bets Off - Maddam Luck
Redwood Hanover, C, Stay Hungry - Rockingcam Park
Lyons Brushmarks, C, Sportswriter - Paints Hall
Its A Better Day, F, Bettors Delight - Albany Hanover
Janes Addiction, F, All Bets Off - Jimmy The Terror
Lyons Execel, C, Lyonssomewhere - Ozmopolitan
Lyons Lady Like, F, Shadow Play - Lyons Magic
Lyons Mary, F, Lyonssomewhere - Sharen Hanover
Lyons Somewhere Boy, C, Lyonssomewhere - Renees Queen

Clark Beelby, Campbellville, Ontario
Resoloop C, Resolve - Ally Oop
Pole Posion, C, My MVP - Caylee Dream
Drake Seelster, C, Lookslikeachpndale - Do It for Annie
Irresistible, C, Bettors Delight - Izzy Hanover
Fade to light, C, Bettors Delight - Fade

Stephen Bossence, Dorchester, Ontario
Playtimeforeva, F, Muscle Mass - Lima Playtime
Overpayment, C, Nuncio - Two Zuzim
Kentucky Magic, C, Kadabra - T C Sno Massive

Rene Bourassa, Erin, Ontario
Madame Kelly, F, Sportswriter - Lady Sherri
Betterthanparadise, G, Betterthancheddar - Bad in Paradise

Mickey Bowden, Waterdown, Ontario
American Stilettos, F, Conway Hall - Easter Leggs

Paul Cameron, Guelph, Ontario
Sunburnt, F, Sunshine Beach- Amber Bluechip

John Cecchin, Arthur, Ontario
Nighttime Blizzard, G, Kadabra - Talbotcreek Jewely

Kathy Cecchin, Arthur, Ontario
Journal Entry, G, Sportswriter - Beaches N Dreams
Crazy World, G, Control the Moment - One for the World

Gino Cicero, Melancthon
Electro Long Legs, C, Wheeling N Dealing - Electro Pump

Annemarie Colville, Little Britain, Ontario
Imacutelilchzball, F, Betterthancheddar - Imtoocutetobebad

Jamie Copley, Kenmore, Ontario
Shake n Blake, F, Hes Watching - St Lads Peeper
Bittersweet Moment, F, Control The Moment - My Sisters A Champ
St Lads In Sync, G, Artspeak - St Lads Moxie
Lilredliltender, G, Bettors Delight - Tiz To Dream
Tri Star Bentley, G, Angus Hall - Trustworthy Gal
Speak Of War, G, Artspeak - Warrawee Templar
Sister Twister, F, Prestidigitator - Muscle Girl
Place My Bet, G, All Bets Off - Jollie Place

Jack Darling, Cambridge, Ontario
Fancy Delight, C, Bettors Delight - Fancy Filly
DA Homestretch, C, Sportswriter - Shellys Delight
Brynley Seelster, F, Big Jim - Better Than Happy
Twin B Echo, F, Artspeak - Twin B Epic
Malibu, F, All Bets Off - Beachofatime
Hello Life, F, Hes Watching - Life Book
Buttercup Hanover, F, Betting Line - BJs Squall

Jamie Doig, Petrolia, Ontario
R Jimmy, C, Lyonsomewhere - Youre Likeadream
Lady Speaker, F, Artspeak - Lady Mach
JM Berwyn, F, All Bets Off - JM Chicago

John Drennan, Burlington, Ontario
Stonebridge Bravo, F, Muscle Mass - Stonebridge Epic

Mark Etsell, Rockwood, Ontario
Busy Making Moni, C, International Moni - Too Busy To Care
Cruising Tom, G, Muscle Mass - SOS Respect
Its Sally Deal, F, Wheeling N Dealin - Random Margin
Suzy Valentine, F, Flanagan Memory - Oaklea Rae
Sweet Carrie T, F, Muscle Mass - Sweet Ashley T
The Hazelton, G, Muscle Mass - Too Good For You
Warrawee Yang, C, Trixton - Endless Flirt

Pam Forgie, Clinton, Ontario
Hey Lou, G, State Treasurer - Honor N Love
Island Attitude, G , Shadow Play - Blue Paradise
Delahni Seelster, F, International Moni - Darjeeling

Pam Goodale, Barrie, Ontario
Warrawee Yama, F, Royalty For Life - Warrawee Truce

Jeff Graham, Glencoe, Ontario
Sunglassesatnight, G, Muscle Up The Goal - Honeysuckle

Mike Guitard, Ingersoll, Ontario
Enjoy The Silence, C, Muscle Mass - Enjoy N My Lady
Tommy Boy Hanover, C, International Moni - Tangent

Cody Henry, Princeton, Ontario
This Girl, F, Artspeak - Hey Lolly La

Scott Henry, Odessa, Ontario
Wellers Watching, F, Hes Watching - Danish N Coffee

Lorne House, Dorchester, Ontario
Impleadingthefifth, G, Lookslikeachipndale - Magic Factory
The Great Reset, G, Resolve - Dont Talk Back
Lady Holly, F, Shadow Play - Lady Latte

Keith Jones, Midhurst, Ontario
Divinne Magic, F, Muscle Mass - Magic Meds
Elona, F, Resolve - Deweys Katie
Jimmy Finetune, C, Big Jim - Finetune Hanover
Just Chipper, C, Lookslikeachpndale - Under The Pines
Mr Experience, C, Muscle Mass - Hit The Hay
Oceanview Massey, C, Muscle Mass - Summerhill Hallie
Over Yonder, F, My MVP - Blue Yonder
Team Player, C, My MVP - Lavern Lavec

Brittany Kennedy, Dorchester, Ontario
Steadyaswego, F, All Bets Off - Flight Of An Angel

Lindsey Kerr, Leamington, Ontario
Dows Up, C, Shadow Play - So Whats Up

Benoit Lamarche, London, Ontario
Massive Love, C, Hes Watching - Dreamfair Infinity

Patrick Lang, Puslinch, Onatrio
Sweet Detrmination, F, Lookslikeachpndale - A Sundae On Sunday

Chris Long, Owen Sound, Ontario
Rylentless, C, Betterthancheddar - Roxanna Hanover
Moona, F, Betterthancheddar - Mood Rings