Spring Fling Mixed Sale Results 2001


1.  WESGATE WONDER B.m,7,                   RONALD PARKER
    Dorunrun Bluegrass-Spring Dream         Teeswater, Ontario          3,700

    Ladatross-Wonder Mare                   Flesherton, Ontario           800

3.  BAL HERO B.m,5,                         BRIAN DOYLE
    Garland Lobell-Balanced Approach        Dundas, Ontario             8,500

4.  ROCKET SHOW Br.f,3,                     WILLIAM ANDREW
    Pacific Rocket-Lindwood Showgirl        Calgary, Alberta            8,000

5.  LINFIELDS JAZZ B.m,17,                  OUT
    Jazz Cosmos-Nile                                                      OUT

YEARLINGS 6 - 7 & 200

6.  CHAIN REACTION B.c,1,                   LAURENT BERGEVIN
    Village Jiffy-All Included              Mercier, Quebec             4,500

7.  PATTIES FAME B.f,1,                     OUT
    Apaches Fame-Patrician Dream                                          OUT

200. NOBLE CONWAY B.c,1,                    OUT
     Conway Hall-Local Color                                              OUT


    As Promised-Raging Queen                Carstairs, Alberta          6,000

9.  RAMBUNCTIOUS BOY B.g,6,                 OUT
    Balanced Image-Reigning Lady                                          OUT

10.  ALL EYES ON ME B.g,4,                  ANGIE MATTHEWS
     Cams Choice-Rosalena Rick              Grand Valley, Ontario       7,500

11.  OUTLAW TAKE ME ON B.g,4,               OUT
     Royal Dilemma-Royal Alta                                             OUT

12.  PEEKABOO BABY Blk.m,4,                 VICTOR PUDDY
     Cams Card Shark-Sarah Mindale          Ottawa, Ontario            10,000

13.  VETO CORLEONE B.g,5,                   W. MANCINI SR.
     Presidential Ball-Silkys Gal           Warren, Mi.                12,000

14.  SIR WOODSTOCK B.c,2,                   LEO JOBIN
     Earl-Speedy Olinda                     Clarence Creek, Ontario     2,900

15.  TANNING BED B.f,3,                     CHERYL FRAGISKOS
     Run The Table-Sunny Samantha           Ottawa, Ontario             3,500

16.  TIKI BAR Br.g,6,                       JOHN GILBART
     No Nukes-Sunraycer                     Toronto, Ontario            7,000

     Camluck-Tarport Glitz                  Flesherton, Ontario         7,000

18.  KILLARNEY MAGIC B.f,2,                 MURRAY ROSS
     Run The Table-Tarport Stewardess       Norwood, Ontario            3,500

19.  TANNER SEELSTER Br.g,3,                ROBERT GILE
     Village Jiffy-Tasha Seelster           Milton, Ontario            10,500

20.  TELE E STAR B.c,3,                     BRIAN DOYLE
     Overcomer-Tella Star                   Dundas, Ontario            37,000

21.  CHERRIES PRINCESS B.m,4,               DEAN ROTH
     Rumpus Hanover-Three Cherries          Woodstock,Ontario           3,700

22.  TOOTSIE BOY B.g,7,                     RICHARD SIMARD
     Fresh Pepper-Tootsie Tick              Coteau du Lac, Quebec       3,700

23.  BOBLOBLAW B.g,4,                       VAUGHN MARSHALL
     Balanced Image-Warrawee Yarri          Campbellville, Ontario      4,000

24.  SAND SECRET LAIR B.f,3,                OUT
     Dragons Lair-Wilmettes Secret                                        OUT

25.  PANAMA JACK B.h,4,                     DON FRITZ
     Jate Lobell-All Included               Scarborough, Ontario       12,500

26.  DARLAS ANGEL B.m,4,                    GERMAIN CHABOT
     Rompaway Butch-Amusement Park          St. Nazaire, Quebec         4,000

27.  ALEXIS SEELSTER B.f,3,                 RON GUY
     Camluck-Andrea Fra                     Oxford Mills, Ontario      13,000

28.  IN A TY B.g,4,                         RICHARD SIMARD
     Life Sign-Angela Ty                    Coteau du Lac, Quebec      19,000

29.  IONA ROCKET B.f,3,                     DAQUIRI HILL STABLE
     Pacific Rocket-Armbro Iona             Georgetown, Ontario       10,000

30.  ARMBRO VOLVO B.c,3,                    PAULA BURCHELL
     Super Bowl-Armbro Kaitlyn              Jasper, Ontario            7,000

31.  BALANCE OWING B.g,5,                   ELTON HALL
     Balanced Image-Armbro Mckeown          Alliston, Ontario          9,000

32.  SECOND NOTICE B.c,3,                   DON CULHAM
     Balanced Image-Armbro Mckeown          Oakville, Ontario         11,000

33.  PHANTOM POWER B.c,3,                   DEAN LOCKHART
     Run The Table-Arresting                Collingwood, Ontario      14,000

34.  CHAIRMAN FRANK B.c,3,                  OUT
     Super Pleasure-Azucar Katie                                         OUT

35.  L ETRANGER Br.g,5,                     PAT HUDON
     Direct Scooter-Berjie Hanover          Milton, Ontario           13,000

36.  MABEL MABEL B.f,3,                     GREG AHERN
     Albert Albert-Berjie Hanover           Omemee, Ontario            9,000

37.  EASY AS SIN B.f,3,                     KEVIN BANNISTER
     No Nukes-Bolder Yet                    Carstairs, Alberta         8,000

38.  DUTCH LADY B.f,3,                      DOUG MURRAY
     Earl-Byes Duchess                      Orangeville, Ontario       5,000

39.  CAJALATER B.m,4,                       OUT
     King Conch-Cajala                                                   OUT

40.  ARTSDOMANI B.g,3,                      DONALD PADDISON
     Artsplace-Calliope                     Collingwood, Ontario       6,500

41.  WATER SPRITE B.m,4,                    CRAIG YATES
     Water Tower-Cams Lady                  Grand Valley, Ontario     16,000

42.  PACEAWAY TOWYN B.f,3,                  PIERRE LEFEBVRE
     Village Jiffy-Clever Defense           St.Pierre les Becquets,QC  5,200

43.  PACEAWAY ALS GAL B.f,2,                GERARD CHABOT
     Village Jiffy-Clever Defense           Cambridge, Ontario         3,000

44.  PET ROCKET B.m,4,                      JIM MASSE
     Pacific Rocket-Dionysian Lady          Osgoode, Ontario          32,000

45.  GOLDSTONE Blk.c,2,                     JAMES WEBER
     Royal Ballad-Dream Of Irons            Richmond, Ontario          2,500

46.  SUPER ONE B.g,5,                       WAYNE MANCINI
     Super Bowl-Evita                       Warren, Mi                14,000

47.  LON BON BILLY B.g,7,                   OUT
     Lon Todd Hanover-Fairground Annie                                    OUT

48.  TWIN B RAINBOW B.f,3,                  TRAVIS HENRY
     Historic-First Day Issue               Brantford, Ontario          2,700

49.  FIRSTLINEBONNIEB B.f,3,                JEFF STEWART
     Run The Table-Firstline Bonnie         Almonte, Ontario            4,700

50.  CAM BO JATE B.g,4,                     JOSEPH MACDOUGALL
     Bo Knows Jate-Flight Time              Scarborough, Ontario       14,000

51.  B NORML B.c,3,                         DAVID WILKINSON
     Pine Chip-Flono                        Goderich, Ontario           4,000

52.  FAYE SEELSTER B.m,4,                   MERVYN SMITH & REG YOUNG
     Dexter Nukes-Funny Fairy               Ayers Cliff, Quebec         6,200

53.  AUTOGRAPH HOUND B.c,3,                 GILLES CAOUETTE
     Matts Scooter-Gibber Gabber            Campbellville, Ontario     24,000

54.  SHORE THING B.g,5,                     R.H. BODKIN, AGENT
     Shore Patrol-Good For Laughs           Sutton West, Ontario        6,500

55.  TREASON B.m,5,                         STEVE BOSSENCE
     R Don T-Grouse                         London, Ontario            22,000

56.  DEXTERS VOYAGE B.g,4,                  OUT
     Dexter Nukes-Hallview Voyage                                         OUT

57.  YARLASKY B.g,5,                        KENNETH ROBSON
     Carlsbad Cam-Happy Mary M              Peterborough, Ontario       5,500

58.  HOLBROOK HANOVER B.g,5,                BRETT RILEY
     Presidential Ball-Holyoke Hanover      Roseneath, Ontario          4,200

59.  HORNBY MORGAN B.f,3,                   PAUL LINDSEY
     Super Pleasure-Hornby Heather          Fergus, Ontario             4,500

60.  LIFES A BATTLE B.g,5,                  MIKE BEAVER
     Bo Knows Jate-Information Please       Henderson, Md.             36,000

61.  CAMMITABLE Br.m,4,                     OUT
     Camluck-Inimitable                                                  OUT

62.  LINKSLAND B.c,2,                       ANDRE PRYJMA
     Camluck-J Ns Scooter                   Whitby, Ontario             3,200

63.  KEYSTONE QUAKER B.c,3,                 LEE BRUNDIGE
     Balanced Image-Keystone Suzie Q        Jasper, Ontario             8,500

64.  KIPLING AVENUE B.f,3,                  PIERRE BOVAY
     Promising Catch-Keystone Yetter        Norval, Ontario            28,000

65.  SEVRINE B.f,3,                         OUT
     Historic-Lovering                                                    0UT

     Run The Table-Madagascar Hanover       Lucan, Ontario             20,000

67.  FURBY B.g,3,                           DANNY MCCARTNEY
     Dragons Lair-Marfa Newton              Beaverton, Ontario         13,000

68.  MADISON SEELSTER B.f,3,                HERMAN BARDOEL
     Cams Card Shark-Meggie Hanover         Putnam, Ontario            13,000

69.  TOWN DRAGON B.f,3,                     COLIN A. DENSLEY BURROWS
     Dragons Lair-Miss Outoftowner          St. Catharines, Ontario     3,200

70.  HEADSWEWIN Blk.g,4,                    CLAUDE BARDICK
     Brisco Hanover-Moms Lindy              Montreal, Quebec            8,000

71.  TIME PILOT B.c,3,                      WM. BUDD
     Camluck-Motorist                       Puslinch, Ontario          10,500

72.  GRAND NOTION B.f,3,                    DERRY HOPKINS
     Nuclear Flash-Naples Hanover           Milton, Ontario             5,000

73.  EMILY SUCEE B.f,3,                     CAPT. PIERRE CASHA
     Must B Sunny-Oaklea Emily              Zormi, Malta                3,700

74.  INIMITABLE LASS Br.m,4,                OUT
     Sierra Kosmos-Palette Hanover                                        OUT

75.  HATS OFF TO LARRY B.g,3,               WHITE WHALE STABLE
     Albert Albert-Past Time                Toronto, Ontario           14,000

76.  ROCKET HORSE B.c,2,                    COLIN A. DENSLEY BURROWS
     Pacific Rocket-Playfull Bunny          St. Catharines, Ontario     4,000

77.  MEANDMYBABYGRAND B.g,3,                BARRY CROWE
     Historic-Programmed                    Bobcaygeon, Ontario        23,000

78.  WINFALL WHITE SOX B.g,5,               OUT
     Bo Knows Jate-Rains Of Spring                                        OUT

     Make A Deal-Red Filly                  Greely, Ontario             3,500

80.  CHAT ME UP Br.m,4,                     DAN RILEY
     Village Jiffy-Salacious Beauty         Havelock, Ontario           8,000

81.  L R F B.c,3,                           JAMES BELANGER
     Run The Table-Samantha Snow            Azilda, Ontario             4,700

82.  OZZIES DRAGON B.f,3,                   DEAN ROTH
     Dragons Lair-Saragain                  Woodstock, Ontario          3,200

83.  OUR CRYSTAL B.m,5,                     OUT
     Armbro Cadet-Sea Glass                                               OUT

84.  PUTNAMANDTHEBEAST B.g,5,               OUT
     Beastmaster-Sickem Cindy                                             OUT

85.  TRAVISHORSE REX Br.g,4,                JOHN MCCOURT
     Money Money Money-Stands Alone         Lunenburg, Ontario          5,500

86.  STYLISH SCOOTER Br.f,3,                JOHN SIMMONDS
     Direct Scooter-Stylish Margie          King City, Ontario         12,000

87.  TOP SAIL B.g,7,                        DAVID TINGLEY
     Jurgy Hanover-Sugar Top                Guelph, Ontario            15,000

88.  DAYLON TRILLIUM Br.f,2,                KEN PAYNE, AGENT
     Gothic Dream-Teela Jean                Midhurst, Ontario           4,500

89.  SANSALONE MAC B.c,3,                   MARK RADLEY
     Historic-Toots                         Brampton, Ontario          19,000

90.  SLOW GIN Ch.g,8,                       FRANCOIS MORIN
     Frugal Gourmet-Trela D J               Beauceville, Quebec         8,200

91.  EXOTIC CHELSEA B.m,6,                  KRISTI WAGG
     Exotic Bet-Young Chelsea               Oakwood, Ontario            6,500

92.  ASTOUNDING SAHBRA B.c,3,               IAN REID
     Dragons Lair-Almahurst Brioche         Campbellville, Ontario      4,500

93.  GLOW NOW Br.f,3,                       BARRY CROWE
     Kiev Hanover-Armbro Glow               Bobcaygeon, Ontario         8,000

94.  DINGALING B.g,3,                       REG YOUNG
     Flight Of Fire-Armbro Incentive        Ayers Cliff, Quebec         5,000

95.  APOLLO KILLEAN B.g,4,                  OUT
     Run The Table-Armbro Magnify                                         OUT

     Under Orders-Ashley Almahurst          Windsor, Ontario            7,000

97.  ATLASTA PLEASURE Br.g,3,               DONALD JOBIN
     Super Pleasure-Atlasta Sweep           Clarence Creek, Ontario     5,500

98.  HAWKSTER Br.g,3,                       JAMES PECK
     Run The Table-Barkleys Amanda          London, Ontario            16,000

99.  ALANAR B.h,7,                          GERMAIN CHABOT
     Bengo Hanover-Beth Lobell              St. Nazaire, Quebec         3,500

100. TABLE FOR FIVE B.g,4,                  DAVID KING
     Life Sign-Blue For You                 Etobicoke, Ontario         19,000

101. OVER MEDICATED B.g,4,                  MARK RADLEY
     King Conch-Borne Glory                 Brampton, Ontario           9,000

102. BROAD ROAD B.h,4,                      DAN FISHER
     Dragons Lair-Bustout Beauty            Milton, Ontario             8,000

103. CAMP OUT B.g,4,                        DARREN CROWE
     Cambest-Cajun Cookin                   Lynden, Ontario            20,000

104. SHAHBASH B.r,3,                        MICHEL LACROIX
     Bilateral-Camtasia                     Buckingham, Quebec          3,200

105. LIFE STAR B.g,4,                       KEN BACKER
     Life Sign-Candy Super Star             Gloucester, Ontario        11,000

106. POUNDER Br.g,3,                        OUT
     Run The Table-Classie Girl                                           OUT

107. WARSTEINER Ro.h,4,                     LEE BRUNDIGE
     Shipps Schnoops-Copy Two               Jasper, Ontario             4,000

108. MASTER CODE B.h,4,                     JERRY  VANBOEKEL
     Beastmaster-Doolin Lobell              London, Ontario            11,000

109. ALWAYS A TABLE B.g,4,                  RICHARD SULLIVAN
     Run The Table-Fancifree Hanover        Greely, Ontario             6,700

110. EXOCET B.c,2,                          COLIN DENSLEY-BURROWS
     Historic-Freedom Song                  St. Catherines, Ontario     3,000

111. TWO STOCKINGS B.m,4,                   LINDSAY DAWSON
     Earl-Hangupyourstocking                Oxford Mills, Ontario       6,000

112. QUEST FOR COMP Blk.g,7,                OUT
     Storm Compensation-Happy Bequest                                     OUT

113. HAPPY ROBBIE B.g,5,                    LARRY MAYHEW
     Abercrombie-Happy Sharon               Comber, Ontario             8,500

114. CAM BO FRANZ B.g,3,                    COLIN DENSLEY-BURROWS
     Franz Hanover-Hometown Sweethart       St. Catherines, Ontario     2,700

115. HER NOTCHER GIRL B.m,9,                DONALD DOBBIE
     Topnotcher-Hucks Girl                  Spencerville, Ontario       3,700

116. AMY LOU Br.f,3,                        JOHN SIMMONDS
     Super Pleasure-Hulabandula             Toronto, Ontario            3,700

117. MR SUPERIOR B.g,6,                     KEN NEWMAN
     Apaches Fame-Intensive Hanover         Owen Sound, Ontario         5,000

118. DUNACHTON COLBY B.g,4,                 FRANCOIS MORIN
     This Cams For You-Just Say Yes         Beauceville, Quebec         4,700

     Dexter Nukes-Kept Secret               St. Catharines, Ontario     2,500

120. MOKA HAWKA Blk.f,3,                    COLIN DENSLEY  BURROWS
     Casino Gambler-Lari Annette            St. Catharines, Ontario     5,200

121. BETTLES B.m,5,                         VICTOR PUDDY
     Camtastic-Little Miss Lola             Ottawa, Ontario             6,000

     Dexter Nukes-Mary Of Scotland          Guelph, Ontario            19,000

123. J N BREEZY MEADOW B.f,3,               R. GREGG MCNAIR, AGENT
     Balanced Image-Meadow Love             Guelph, Ontario            17,000

124. ROELYN BO Br.c,3,                      DON JOBIN
     Bo Knows Jate-Minor Joanne             Clarence Creek, Ontario    14,500

125. THE BIG TRAIN Blk.c,2,                 N. NELSON
     Royal Ballad-Olga Domarr               Brampton, Ontario           3,000

126. NO FEAR OF FLYING B.h,7,               CLIFFORD HILL
     Direct Scooter-Oreo Byrd               Hagersville, Ontario        3,000

127. TAURUS DEBULL Br.g,4,                  JOHN WAGNER
     Unique Concept-Patricias Alison        Fairfax, Va                10,000

128. DIRT FARM MAGGIE B.f,3,                OUT
     Historic-Queens Eve                                                  OUT

129. MARCARO FIERA ro,g,3,                  JOHN MCGUIRK
     Beastmaster - Tantallon Truly          Hamilton, Ontario           3,900



                     # SOLD              AMOUNT            AVERAGE

BROODMARES             4                21,000              5,250 

YEARLINGS              1                 4,500              4,500

RACEHORSES           105               976,300              9,298

TOTAL                110            $1,001,800             $9,107